Canadian Political issues

There are many issues and problems which are faced by Canadians in this era. From humanitarian issues to economic downfalls there is a very lengthy list. The manifesto of the political parties is all that is required by the voters to choose their favorites. Currently, Justin Trudeau is the prime minister of Canada. Under his governance, there is an impressive growth the vibes of which can be felt around the world. However, there are some issues on which the political stance of the country or to be specific Trudeau government is not clear. These political issues can lead to the downfall of the party in coming elections. To ensure a safe return to power in the next elections it is very important to address the following issues. It is also the need of the hour to present the direction of the government to the general public:

Canadian economy

The oil price collapse in 2016 has left many questions for the Canadian government. Among the manifesto of Trudeau, the investment in government infrastructure was at the top. However, there has been no significant improvement in the situation. The worst part is that it has affected the GDP which has seen a very limited amount of growth. Aggressive policies in this regard should be devised by Trudeau government as it could lead to deficits which are irreversible. The current deficit is around $10 BN which could rise in the coming years as the policies in this regard are not clearly defined. It is also clear that the current plan and strategy has failed completely.

Climate Change

HAARP has indicated that major climate changes would hit Atlantic Canada. It would make the region so hot that human survival will not be possible. All of this happens in 2150 but now is the time to address and mitigate the issue. Though the climate change pact has been signed by Canada in Paris there are no deterrence methods devised. It means that what the pact says has been completely overlooked by the Canadian government. The main part of the document says that it is incumbent upon the governments to keep climate change under 1.5 degrees per year. Lower carbon emissions are the first thing. Then is the pollution of all kinds.  There are no significant measures which have been taken in this regard. The disparity in opinions of the member states and Trudeau government will lead to fatal results.

Marijuana issue

Manifesto of Trudeau’s party was to legalize the possession of weed in all provinces of the country. It is worth pointing that Canadian government is one of the most loyal in the world. Besides future marijuana legalizing, gambling was permitted long time ago. Nowadays it is easier to pop in online casino listing, rather than wandering in search of a gambling house. It has been a long time now but nothing has been done in this regard. The dealers are facing issues in this regard and they are asking the government to clear the policies in this regard. The Ontario related political figures have asked the government to keep the supply in its own hand. The union ministers have also given a go ahead in this regard but all this is of no use. There are no signs on the Trudeau’s part. As per experts, there are hurdles in this way but still, the policy should be formulated soon.