Frivolous political parties in Canada

Canada political landscape is always known for the amusement which it provides to the world with joke parties which often emerge on its landscape. The frivolous party is known to be the one which has no political motive at all. There is no serious politics involved in this regard and they have no agenda. The promises which they make to the voters are not practical at all. In Canada, there are many political parties which are known to the frivolous in the past and some exist to this modern day. The bizarre political plans which they present to their voters are even hilarious. These political parties form a part of political media satires which is a huge part of the entertainment industry.

The Rhinoceros Party of Canada

Making the animals contest for the elections and creating political satire material for the media was the only motive of this party. For nearly 30 years this party made headlines all over the world. It was formed in 1963 and was dissolved in 1993. In 1979 campaign the agenda of the party was very hilarious. They promised the voters that one power plant will be constructed for one house and the lottery winners will be sent to the Canadian Senate. In 1984 the party pledged to close all the small businesses from Canada and replace them with very small businesses. The party also pledged to cover the entire Olympic stadium with a single kerchief. Despite unrealistic pledges and promises the party garnered positive reviews and got considerable votes till they were eventually dissolved in 1993.

Canadian extreme wrestling party

Though they consider themselves to be a political party but never got registered by Election Canada. Quentin Barboni was the first president of the party and he was selected after a battle royal which he won after defeating 11 wrestlers. The Women wing of the party was also established in a similar manner and therefore it is highly regarded as by the Canadians as a wrestling party. It held its first leadership convention in Newfoundland which to this date is the only convention of any party which has taken place in the province.

Lemon Party

With liberal ideas, this party was formed in 1987. It is a Quebec based party which operates at the federal level. The ideas of the party, as well as the promises it made to the general public, were awesome and just hilarious. The most common promises which they made to the voters were like lemon production will be increased in Canada, Toronto will be abolished, the party will support global warming thereby increasing lemon production and merging all Great Lakes.

Fed Up Party

The party was formed in 2011 and President Ed announced that he will be running for the Prime Minister of Canada. The party was also abbreviated as FU and the sock puppet character Ed was the main inspiration of the party. The political establishment of the politics of Canada will also be entertained as per the party promises to the voters. The party has not been registered with Election Canada.