Political system in Canada: basics

Canada is one of the largest and strongest economies of the world. It simply means that political issues here affect the rest of the world and its leaders. Here the politicians have to make sure that such steps are taken which make this country politically strong.

Canada has a parliamentary system. The elected members of parliament are known as MPs. All these MPs must be related to a specific political party. The party which has the highest number of members in the parliament has the right to get their Prime Minister chaired. The Prime Minister of Canada is the head of state. Every government related department eventually reports him.

Current Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau

The second aspect of the politics of Canada is a constitutional monarchy. Here the Queen Elizabeth II is the head of the state. For each province there are is a Governor General appointed by the Queen. In this manner, the Queen ensures that her political grip remains strong. The Governor Generals report the Queen about any developments and hence also serve as political advisors.  For all the Governor Generals of Canada, there is a head known as the Governor General of Canada. This person takes care of look after the state affairs for the queen. In Canadian political system, the Queen is regarded as the head of state. The viceroy also knew as Governor General of Canada is the second highest place in Canadian political system.

Queen Elizabeth II

The best part is that the executive powers do not lay with the queen. It means that the multiparty political system which runs in the country fosters democracy. These powers lie with the Canadian Prime Minister. The Prime Minister is also known as the head of the government. The viceroy of the state is always appointed on the advice of the prime minister. The term of the state Viceroy is not specific however it is 5 years in general. At the end of elections, the prime minister is nominated by the governor general. The provincial governments in Canada are autonomous not constitutionally but on the orders of the crown. There are total 11 sovereign crowns in Canada, 10 provincial and one central also known as federal. Most of the Canadian laws are made by House of Commons which is also known as the Parliament.

House of Commons

Here the representations are always elected through elections which mean common Canadians. The laws which are made by House of Commons are not immediately implemented. These laws and rules are reviewed by the Senate. Once the Senate approves the laws these are immediately implemented. The senators come from all corners of the country. It is the sole discretion of the Prime Minister to choose senators. The best parts of Canadian political system are:

  • Fostering a very strong Federation
  • Democracy

There are many issues over the period of time which has been faced by the nation. From Federation point of view, there was no opposition. When it comes to democracy the free and fair elections in the country make sure that democracy is never derailed. Quality is the center point of the political system which makes Canada the fastest growing economies of the world.