Frivolous political parties in Canada

Canada political landscape is always known for the amusement which it provides to the world with joke parties which often emerge on its landscape. The frivolous party is known to be the one which has no political motive at all. There is no serious politics involved in this regard and they have no agenda. The promises which they make to the voters are not practical at all. In Canada, there are many political parties which are known to the frivolous in the past and some exist to this modern day. The bizarre political plans which they present to their voters are even hilarious. These political parties form a part of political media satires which is a huge part of the entertainment industry. Continue reading Frivolous political parties in Canada

Canada-US Lumber Dispute: Is Litigation Underway?

There have been some recent developments in the decade’s old lumber dispute between Canada and US.The dispute which started in 1982 due to the heavy competition between the Canadian and the US lumber producing companies seems to be entering an important phase in the recent times.

The history of the dispute

The Canadian economy relies heavily on its softwood lumber industry. However, there is one more field, which helped Canada to gain popularity among game lovers. The gambling industry, presented by a wide range of gambling establishment, can boast of its secure sources like ValleyGames web advisor. Here you will find thorough information about best Canadian online casino. As for woods, the land, where all the timber is grown, is owned by the provincial government which leases it out to the harvesting companies on contractual basis once they have agreed on the stumpage rate. Continue reading Canada-US Lumber Dispute: Is Litigation Underway?