Frivolous political parties in Canada

Canada political landscape is always known for the amusement which it provides to the world with joke parties which often emerge on its landscape. The frivolous party is known to be the one which has no political motive at all. There is no serious politics involved in this regard and they have no agenda. The promises which they make to the voters are not practical at all. In Canada, there are many political parties which are known to the frivolous in the past and some exist to this modern day. The bizarre political plans which they present to their voters are even hilarious. These political parties form a part of political media satires which is a huge part of the entertainment industry.

The Rhinoceros Party of Canada

Making the animals contest for the elections and creating political satire material for the media was the only motive of this party. For nearly 30 years this party made headlines all over the world. It was formed in 1963 and was dissolved in 1993. In 1979 campaign the agenda of the party was very hilarious. They promised the voters that one power plant will be constructed for one house and the lottery winners will be sent to the Canadian Senate. In 1984 the party pledged to close all the small businesses from Canada and replace them with very small businesses. The party also pledged to cover the entire Olympic stadium with a single kerchief. Despite unrealistic pledges and promises the party garnered positive reviews and got considerable votes till they were eventually dissolved in 1993.

Canadian extreme wrestling party

Though they consider themselves to be a political party but never got registered by Election Canada. Quentin Barboni was the first president of the party and he was selected after a battle royal which he won after defeating 11 wrestlers. The Women wing of the party was also established in a similar manner and therefore it is highly regarded as by the Canadians as a wrestling party. It held its first leadership convention in Newfoundland which to this date is the only convention of any party which has taken place in the province.

Lemon Party

With liberal ideas, this party was formed in 1987. It is a Quebec based party which operates at the federal level. The ideas of the party, as well as the promises it made to the general public, were awesome and just hilarious. The most common promises which they made to the voters were like lemon production will be increased in Canada, Toronto will be abolished, the party will support global warming thereby increasing lemon production and merging all Great Lakes.

Fed Up Party

The party was formed in 2011 and President Ed announced that he will be running for the Prime Minister of Canada. The party was also abbreviated as FU and the sock puppet character Ed was the main inspiration of the party. The political establishment of the politics of Canada will also be entertained as per the party promises to the voters. The party has not been registered with Election Canada.

Canada-US Lumber Dispute: Is Litigation Underway?

There have been some recent developments in the decade’s old lumber dispute between Canada and US.The dispute which started in 1982 due to the heavy competition between the Canadian and the US lumber producing companies seems to be entering an important phase in the recent times.

The history of the dispute

The Canadian economy relies heavily on its softwood lumber industry. However, there is one more field, which helped Canada to gain popularity among game lovers. The gambling industry, presented by a wide range of gambling establishment, can boast of its secure sources like ValleyGames web advisor. Here you will find thorough information about best Canadian online casino. As for woods, the land, where all the timber is grown, is owned by the provincial government which leases it out to the harvesting companies on contractual basis once they have agreed on the stumpage rate. This means that the overall cost of timber production is much lesser here. In America the things are different as the timber forests are grown on the privately owned lands. Once the timber is cut, it makes its way into the market after going through several dealers and sellers which escalate the overall price. Not only is American timber production insufficient to meet its demands but is also expensive when compared to Canada. Hence, the US-based companies started the dispute where Canada was blamed for deliberately keeping low prices to dump the market and take it over. The two countries came to a settlement agreement in 2006 and since its expiration in October 2015, the two countries are trying hard to, litigate the dispute between them.

What is the recent progress on the matter?

Although the Canadians are ready to settle for an agreement, the Americans for some reason are hesitant to do so which is leading to undue delay in settlement. If things remain to follow the same course, the Canadian side is ready to take the matters to court to reach a fair settlement between the two like it has been so many times in the past decades as well. But this time it will be a bit different. The case will be handled as a dispute-resolution under the Chapter 19 of NAFTA while the US side is urging Canada to end Chapter 19 altogether.

David MacNaughton, who is the Canadian ambassador in the Washington, blames the US lumber industry for this delay in reaching an agreement of any sort. According to him, they have been falsifying information and misleading the basic facts. They claim that the Canadians haven’t agreed on a cap and are not united on the terms of the deal which is wrong. Canada agrees to cap the exports to 30% of the US market and only wants that they are allowed to expand it when the market is hot enough that the US alone cannot meet its needs. It is important to note that owing to the increased import duties levied on Canadian lumber, the US has increased the imports from Russia. In the first half of 2017, the imports from the Germany alone were increased by 10 times.

The issue, like it has in the past, would need intervention from the political parties and politicians, especially from the American side. To help both sides, not only an agreement but a proper framework is needed to prevent such an issue from rising up again in the future.

What are the main political parties in Canada?

There are some flaws in Canadian political system which needs immediate attention. For instance, there is no connection between federal and provincial political parties which means that there are political issues which arise as a result. Having same names never mean that the ideology is as well. There is only one political party in Canada which is very strongly connected to its provincial branches. It is the New Democratic Party. The political or ideological differences in parties also lead to results which could be fatal. Though such situation has never arisen there is no exception to this. The crown, as well as the Prime Minister, should take care of the issue. Some of the famous political parties in Canada are as follows. These are registered with Election Canada or Election Commission of Canada as well:

Liberal Party of Canada

Liberal Party of Canada Leader Justin Trudeau

It is the current largest political party of Canada when it comes to the number of MPs. There are 183 MPs of this party in Canadian Federal Parliament and 19 senators. Justin Trudeau is the current head of the Liberal Party of Canada. The main ideology of this party is liberalism in every walk of life. From political to social aspects this party has always raised slogans of liberalism. It was founded in 1867 and Anna Gainey is the current president. It is the largest political party in the country and it is worth mentioning that Justin Trudeau is the current and 23rd Prime Minister of Canada.

Conservative Party of Canada

Though it was found in 2003 the party enjoys immense support in Canada. It has 39 senators in Parliament which are highest. The ideology of Conservative Party of Canada is mixed which means that they stand for conservatism in general but at the same time they also ask for economic liberalism. The total number of MPs in the parliament is 99 which is second highest after Liberals. Andrew Scheer is the current leader of the party. The total number of registered members is approx. 250,000+ and increasing. Scott Lamb is the current president of this party.

Conservative Party of Canada Leader Andrew Scheer

Bloc Québécois

Bloc Québécois leader Martine Ouellet

It is the fourth largest party of Canada with 10 MPs in the parliament. It is a well-known fact that the Quebec is asking for the referendum for freedom and this party stands for it. In addition to this, the social democracy is another part of their overall ideology. Martine Ouellet is the current leader of this party. Mario Beaulieu is the president. The party once enjoyed immense support in Canada but there it has been plummeted due to lack of organization. Still, this party managed to get around 825,000+ votes in last general elections.

New Democratic Party

Founded in 1961 New Democratic Party is the third largest party with respect to the number of MPs in Parliament. Tom Mulcair is the current leader of the party and Robert Fox is the national director. Social democracy is the main ideology of the party. There is a total of 44 MPs of the party in Canadian Federal parliament which is a healthy number. The party has a membership number of around 125,000.

NDP Leader Thomas Mulcair

Canadian Political issues

There are many issues and problems which are faced by Canadians in this era. From humanitarian issues to economic downfalls there is a very lengthy list. The manifesto of the political parties is all that is required by the voters to choose their favorites. Currently, Justin Trudeau is the prime minister of Canada. Under his governance, there is an impressive growth the vibes of which can be felt around the world. However, there are some issues on which the political stance of the country or to be specific Trudeau government is not clear. These political issues can lead to the downfall of the party in coming elections. To ensure a safe return to power in the next elections it is very important to address the following issues. It is also the need of the hour to present the direction of the government to the general public:

Canadian economy

The oil price collapse in 2016 has left many questions for the Canadian government. Among the manifesto of Trudeau, the investment in government infrastructure was at the top. However, there has been no significant improvement in the situation. The worst part is that it has affected the GDP which has seen a very limited amount of growth. Aggressive policies in this regard should be devised by Trudeau government as it could lead to deficits which are irreversible. The current deficit is around $10 BN which could rise in the coming years as the policies in this regard are not clearly defined. It is also clear that the current plan and strategy has failed completely.

Climate Change

HAARP has indicated that major climate changes would hit Atlantic Canada. It would make the region so hot that human survival will not be possible. All of this happens in 2150 but now is the time to address and mitigate the issue. Though the climate change pact has been signed by Canada in Paris there are no deterrence methods devised. It means that what the pact says has been completely overlooked by the Canadian government. The main part of the document says that it is incumbent upon the governments to keep climate change under 1.5 degrees per year. Lower carbon emissions are the first thing. Then is the pollution of all kinds.  There are no significant measures which have been taken in this regard. The disparity in opinions of the member states and Trudeau government will lead to fatal results.

Marijuana issue

Manifesto of Trudeau’s party was to legalize the possession of weed in all provinces of the country. It is worth pointing that Canadian government is one of the most loyal in the world. Besides future marijuana legalizing, gambling was permitted long time ago. Nowadays it is easier to pop in online casino listing, rather than wandering in search of a gambling house. It has been a long time now but nothing has been done in this regard. The dealers are facing issues in this regard and they are asking the government to clear the policies in this regard. The Ontario related political figures have asked the government to keep the supply in its own hand. The union ministers have also given a go ahead in this regard but all this is of no use. There are no signs on the Trudeau’s part. As per experts, there are hurdles in this way but still, the policy should be formulated soon.

Political system in Canada: basics

Canada is one of the largest and strongest economies of the world. It simply means that political issues here affect the rest of the world and its leaders. Here the politicians have to make sure that such steps are taken which make this country politically strong. Canada has a parliamentary system. The elected members of parliament are known as MPs. All these MPs must be related to a specific political party. The party which has the highest number of members in the parliament has the right to get their Prime Minister chaired. The Prime Minister of Canada is the head of state. Every government related department eventually reports him.

Current Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau

The second aspect of the politics of Canada is a constitutional monarchy. Here the Queen Elizabeth II is the head of the state. For each province there are is a Governor General appointed by the Queen. In this manner, the Queen ensures that her political grip remains strong. The Governor Generals report the Queen about any developments and hence also serve as political advisors.  For all the Governor Generals of Canada, there is a head known as the Governor General of Canada. This person takes care of look after the state affairs for the queen. In Canadian political system, the Queen is regarded as the head of state. The viceroy also knew as Governor General of Canada is the second highest place in Canadian political system.

Queen Elizabeth II

The best part is that the executive powers do not lay with the queen. It means that the multiparty political system which runs in the country fosters democracy. These powers lie with the Canadian Prime Minister. The Prime Minister is also known as the head of the government. The viceroy of the state is always appointed on the advice of the prime minister. The term of the state Viceroy is not specific however it is 5 years in general. At the end of elections, the prime minister is nominated by the governor general. The provincial governments in Canada are autonomous not constitutionally but on the orders of the crown. There are total 11 sovereign crowns in Canada, 10 provincial and one central also known as federal. Most of the Canadian laws are made by House of Commons which is also known as the Parliament.

House of Commons

Here the representations are always elected through elections which mean common Canadians. The laws which are made by House of Commons are not immediately implemented. These laws and rules are reviewed by the Senate. Once the Senate approves the laws these are immediately implemented. The senators come from all corners of the country. It is the sole discretion of the Prime Minister to choose senators. The best parts of Canadian political system are:

  • Fostering a very strong Federation
  • Democracy

There are many issues over the period of time which has been faced by the nation. From Federation point of view, there was no opposition. When it comes to democracy the free and fair elections in the country make sure that democracy is never derailed. Quality is the center point of the political system which makes Canada the fastest growing economies of the world.